Apocalypse ‘91...Still Serving Realness 25 Years Later

As it approaches it’s 25th year anniversary, Public Enemy’s “Apocalypse ‘91....The Enemy Strikes Black” is still as satisfying to the listener’s ear as it was in 1991. The connotation of “soul” becomes an important essence that defines a hip-hop artist’s unwillingness to compromise using their artistry as a platform to discuss the social issues of their community.

With songs like “Can’t Truss It” , “Nighttrain”, and “Bring the Noise”, Public Enemy served a mixture of contemporary musicality, upbeat rhythm, and unapologetic socially conscious messages to serve a dose of reality about pressing social issues.


“Info to flow and heal all below

Let's go and find the piece of mind that's taken”


In the 25 years since, the lyrics have lost none of their original significance and still serve to fill the hungry minds of its hip-hop listeners with food for thought. Through their provocative and ever socially informed lyricism, Public Enemy has never ceased to use their platform to raise it’s listeners’ understanding of the state of underserved communities and the impact of poverty on the overall wellness of the residents. In honor of it’s 25th anniversary, here’s a list of eight times PE used food lyrics to dish out realness on Apocalypse ‘91...The Enemy Strikes Black:



“Beside what's inside ain't on the label

They drink it thinkin' it's good

But they don't sell that shit in the white neighborhood”

1 Million Bottlebags


5 .

“What it is is bullshit Colt 45 another gun to the brain

Who's sellin' us pain in the hood another up to no good

Plan that's designed by the other man

But who drink it like water”

1 Million Bottlebags



“Never could follow a man with a bottle

He's a baby with a beard, not a feared role model”




“Sippin' it lickin' it drink it down, oh nooo!

Drinkin' poison but they don't know”

1 Million Bottlebags



“Kickin' wicked rhymes like a fortune teller

Cause the wickedness done by Jack

Where everybody at divided and sold

For liquor and the gold”

Can’t Truss It



“Took it all for granted

Then life start turn to granted

Having everything to having nothing

Now this turkey ain't got no stuffing”

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