Woo Hah! Time to Dine & Busta Rhyme

Yo!! Ladies and gentlemen, rise and awake for the most powerful event to occur...THE COMING. The year? ‘96. The artist? The infamous Busta Rhymes. We caught that ill vibe and had to pay homage to Bust and his Flipmode Squad to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the debut album, The Coming. The impeccable style and charisma that Mr. Rhymes brings to his dynamic flows are what make him one of a kind. Bust makes it known to us that he will continue to be genuine in hip hop. Essentially, everything that Bust does will remain raw. As a tribute to Mr. Rhymes and his amazing tracks on this album, we bring to you, our take on 13 sushi roll recipes full of raw flavor. Satisfaction guaranteed.



  1. California roll

  2. Spicy Tuna roll

  3. Shrimp Tempura roll

  4. Vegetable roll

  5. Dragon roll

  6. Philadelphia roll

  7. Spider roll

  8. Rainbow roll

  9. Caterpillar roll

  10. Classic roll

  11. Boston roll

  12. Summer roll

  13. Yellowtail roll