Fugee La La La: 6 Tasty Lyrics from “The Score”

The year was 1996 when The Fugees released “The Score” album with the title track “The Score”. Wyclef, Lauryn, and Pras are a mix of hip hop, soul, and reggae so it’s only natural that that exudes through their lyrics and sounds. Not only does this song leave you craving for more of the album, but it also some lyrics about some cravings you may have. Here are 6 about some treats you probably didn’t notice before.

Starting Off With a Bang: “Rum to the ripple”                                                      

Golden Rum Cake


Make Sure It’s Extra Sweet: “Put the poison in your tea”

Tea Punch


Be True To Yourself and Prosper: “Still keep it real, if you will and manifest / Through your skills, not by how many shells you peel”

Garlic Crab Legs


Hot Summer Days in NY: “Play the nutcracker”

 Nyc Nutcracker


There’s nothing like a good barbecue: “Wack n*ggas choke / From the fumes that I emote...Or emit sh*t

Honey Smoked Turkey


Everybody needs a little color in life: “Turning boys to men again / With estrogen dreams...Release blues, yellows and greens / From Brownsville to Queens

 Super Easy Mardi Gras King Cake