You Want Cheese on That? 5 Artist That Own Burger Spots


Welcome to good burger, home of the goodburger, can I take your order? Burgers are one of America’s quintessential comfort foods that are available year round. With endless customizability and versatility, burgers are delicious sandwiches packed with flavor that can be enjoyed by anyone, including artists. Rappers gotta eat too! Ever since hip hop artists have made power moves into the food industry, it’s safe to say that Nothing Tastes the Same. No matter how successful our favorite entertainers are on stage, they are always hungry for more. Check out our list of 5 artists that own burger spots.

  1. Breezy’s Burgers (Chris Brown - Burger King)

  2. Yeezy Seasoning (Kanye West - Fatburger)

  3. Happy Eating (Pharrell - Fatburger)

  4. Queen of Gourmet Castle (Queen Latifah - Fatburger)

  5. Hov’s Hamburgers (Jay Z - The Spotted Pig)

Fatburger is getting a lot of love!